Source: Michelle Willmot

          the current situation     When demand outstrips supply   The issue is that demand has outstripped supply. Those requiring aged care assistance are facing long waiting lists for the allocation of care. Recent data shows that 2, 141 Tasmanians have been approved for home care yet are waiting on … Continued

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The 2019 Budget to Tackle Mental Health & Family Violence

Source: Kate Heeligan

The 2019 budget was handed down by Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, with forecasts of a A$7.1 billion surplus, tax cuts and very importantly, delivering on their promise, and highly welcomed, $328 million package towards family violence and protection, $700 million to mental health with $461 million to young people and $84 million in support for … Continued

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Healthcare Professionals in high demand across Australia

Source: Kate Heeligan

There has never been a better time to be a healthcare Professional. Want some stats to back it up? Sure thing – we have a number of examples to share with you: (Source: Kate Heeligan) Quite an impressive list of statistics, right? There are many reasons the healthcare profession remains one of the most banked-upon … Continued

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Australia Health Recruitment

Why Australia is a world-leader in complementary health regulation

Source: The Mandarin

Australia’s rigorous regulatory framework that supports and controls the complementary health sector is regarded as gold standard. Run by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, it’s also why consumers here and in Asia are opting for regulated products they can place their trust in. But what is far less appreciated are the economic health dividends that can … Continued

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Australia nears the top in global ranking of retiree wellbeing

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Australia is in sixth place in a global ranking of welfare in retirement of 43 countries. New Zealand just pips Australia to be in fifth place, with Sweden in fourth. Norway takes top spot followed by Switzerland and then Iceland. The study by Natixis Global Asset Management, a global fund manager, is based on more … Continued

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Back to the land: How one Indigenous community is beating the odds

Source: The Conversation

They range in size from several hundred members to several thousand. They have no road access linking them to other communities in the region, and with varying degrees of ease, they can be reached by rail, air, boat or winter ice road. Many of these communities struggle with a host of mental health issues including … Continued

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Community Health Indigenous Mental Health

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