Limelight support Cboe’s APAC Expansion

Partnered with

Cboe Australia Pty Ltd


Personnel involved

Limelight: Executive Sponsor and one Principal Consultant
Cboe: Executive Leaders including C suite and HR


Engaged Model

Retained Search


Hiring Volume

30 Technical Staff including;

  • Engineering leaders
  • C++ Engineering
  • Python Engineering
  • Linux Engineering
  • Trade Desk Analysts
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Quality Assurance Engineering
  • Web Development


Date of commencement and period of association

August 2021 – December 2022



“As Cboe expanded its presence in the Asia-Pacific region after acquiring Chi-X in 2021, the decision to transform our Sydney office into a pivotal technology & operations hub was crucial. Partnering with Limelight proved to be an instrumental choice in achieving this transformation.

Limelight’s collaboration in sourcing top-tier talent, specifically in C++, Data Engineering, Web, and QA roles vital for developing our trading system software, was exceptional. Their support extended beyond mere recruitment, as they efficiently curated candidates aligned with our unique firm requirements. This precision significantly streamlined our hiring process, allowing us to swiftly fill multiple positions, including critical roles in operations and infrastructure for our Australia and Japan markets.

Having engaged Limelight in hiring over 10 skilled professionals since the acquisition, their commitment and understanding of our needs have been commendable. Their ability to grasp the intricacies of our industry and present us with an astute shortlist of candidates saved us valuable time, enabling us to build a robust, well-rounded technology and operations team in Sydney.

Limelight’s professionalism, market acumen, and seamless collaboration have made them a valued partner in our growth journey. We highly recommend Limelight to any organisation seeking a proficient, intuitive, and efficient recruitment partner, and we look forward to continuing our partnership as we expand our team further.”

Rylan Uherek – VP – Chief Operating Officer APAC


Scope / Project Details

Cboe, “The Exchange for the World Stage” is the world’s go-to derivatives and exchange network, delivering cutting-edge trading, clearing and investment solutions to people around the world. Today they provide trading solutions and products in multiple asset classes, including equities, derivatives, FX and digital assets, across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Cboe Global Markets, Inc. acquired Chi-X Australia, now Cboe Australia, in June 2021. Following this acquisition, Cboe’s engaged Limelight to exclusively manage the end-to-end recruitment process for permanent IT hires made in Australia.

Limelight’s remit was to identify, source and secure a skilled team of engineers and Capital markets professionals for Cboe’s APAC head office based in Sydney, Australia.


Hiring Volumes: 30 permanent hires


Job Briefs included: Engineering leadership positions, C++ Engineering, Python Engineering, Linux Engineering, Trade Desk Analysts, Site Reliability Engineering, Network Engineering, Quality Assurance Engineering, Web Development


Approach: Utilising our dedicated Cboe project team, Limelight conducted a targeted candidate search campaign targeting technologists from within the Capital Markets industry and other related high-performance engineering industries.


Reporting: Limelight provided weekly search data to Cboe tracking metrics including;

  • Limelight Candidate Submissions
  • Interview reporting – Stages & Scheduling
  • Candidate Feedback Summaries
  • Cboe feedback Summaries
  • Candidate Status Tracking


Market Dynamics High Job Demand / Low Candidate Supply: During the campaign, market dynamics created a challenging sourcing environment with the ratio of jobs to candidates at 10:1 for most engineering jobs in Australia at the time. Sourcing was limited to targeted headhunting leveraging Limelight’s unique global database to source, as advertising campaigns and other traditional active candidates’ sources provided low application volumes and limited candidate suitability.


Employer Brand: In collaboration with Cboe’s Australian leadership team, Limelight developed a candidate communication strategy that helped develop Cboe’s regional employer brand profile and educated candidates on Cboe’s;

  • Global brand
  • Product offering and business model
  • Cboe’s APAC expansion plans
  • Cboe’s APAC Technology initiatives
  • Wider career opportunities


Limelight’s messaging focused on the uniqueness of the opportunity to join a global market operator, the opportunity to launch new financial exchanges in the APAC region, to solve highly complex technology challenges in the Capital Markets industry while joining a high-profile global organisation.


Result: Limelight successfully placed all 30 hires. Each hire played, and continues to play, an integral role in Cboe’s APAC expansion.

Employee retention rates are at a phenomenal level (97%)!

The success of this campaign and Cboe’s retention success reflects Limelight’s capability, relationship with Cboe and Cboe’s excellent employee engagement and development programs.