Source: David Steven

In 2019, DevSecOps is the buzz, but what exactly is the buzz all about, and why is DevSecOps a thing? Where did it come from, and where is it going, and why? Well, the answers to all those questions relate to how software has changed, and how the way we store data has altered. What’s … Continued

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The 2019 Australian Startup Scene

Source: Limelight People

The 2019 Australian Startup Scene. Global recognition, incubators and increased investor confidence heralds a healthier future. Looking at the startup scene in Australia today, ‘snowballing’ is the first word that comes to mind. There’s more going on than just that, though. Or more accurately, there’s been more going on than just a that for several years. … Continued

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Australia Incubators Investors Start Up

Predictions for Blockchain Technology 2019 & Beyond


Blockchain technology is a shared distributed ledger in which all transactions are digitally signed to ensure security, integrity, and authenticity. According to Don and Alex Tapscott: “Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions which can be programmed to record not only financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” Over the years Blockchain technology … Continued

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Blockchain Digital technology

Why you should embrace an agile workforce


The importance of “agility” is commonly mentioned these days when talking about modern progressive organisations. But when it comes to business, what exactly does agility mean and how can it ensure the success of your company? McKinsey Principal, Aaron De Smet, defines business agility as “the ability of an organisation to renew itself, adapt, change … Continued

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agile Recruitment technology

5 reasons why hiring tech talent in December is the key to a great new year


5 reasons why hiring tech talent in December is the key to a great new year   December is traditionally a ‘go-slow’ month for hiring. When everyone is winding down for the year, your workload significantly slows. But there are actually a number of reasons why you should amp up your tech talent recruitment efforts … Continued

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december hiring Recruitment

Silicon Valley’s New-Age AltSchool

Source: Wired Magazine

Since its founding in 2014, with backing from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Andreessen Horowitz, and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, the San Francisco startup has opened eight of its new-age AltSchools in the Bay Area and New York City. It sees these as mini educational labs where it’s working to create a new kind of personalized … Continued

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Facebook IT Silicon Valley

Hey Silicon Valley: President Obama Has a To-Do List for You

Source: Wired Magazine

ASK NOT WHAT  the government can do for Silicon Valley; ask what Silicon Valley can do for the government. That’s President Obama’s tack, anyway. He presented WIRED with six challenges he feels the tech industry needs to address—just a few earthshaking problems the country could use some help with, that’s all. We reached out to … Continued

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Obama Todo

Peek into what it’s like to get hired at Google

Source: Business Insider

Last year, Google’s senior vice president of People Operations, Laszlo Bock, peeled back the curtain on Google’s management style and culture with the publication of his book “Work Rules!” The bestseller is chock-full of insights that explain what it’s really like to be hired at what’s consistently been ranked one of the best companies to … Continued

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